Practice Range

Current Range Hours

Monday |  9:00am  –  5:00pm
Tuesday | 10:30am – 1-Hour Before Sunset
Wednesday | 9:00am  –  1-Hour Before Sunset
Thursday  |  9:00am – 1-Hour Before Sunset
Friday  |  9:00am  – 1-Hour Before Sunset
Saturday  |  9:00am – 1-Hour Before Sunset
Sunday  |  9:00am – 1-Hour Before Sunset

We will be moving to hitting off the mats 10-21-2020

Practice Range Prices

Warmup Basket $4.00

Medium Basket $7.00

Large Basket $10.00

Extra Large Basket $13.00

Lunch Special 

Shoreline’s lunch special includes a large basket of range balls and lunch with drink for only $11.00! This special is only offered from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. You can also purchase a Medium Basket and lunch for $9.00 (Weather Permitting).​

Frequent User Card

Buy any seven (7) baskets of range balls, and receive a basket free. There is no charge for the frequent user card.

Annual Range Passes

An annual range pass is available to purchase for $275.00, including tax. Certain restrictions apply. This pass continues as long as our range is open.​

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